Studies show that having gender parity isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. All of the resources below have been hand-selected by for their experience with diversity and gender parity.

Gender Parity Consultants

Leading Women

Leading Women is one of the world's premier consulting firms for companies committed to achieving goals for women’s advancement. Our proprietary research is the basis for innovative solutions that deliver unique insights, actionable tools and a business focus to women's leadership development, education for managers, Gender Dynamics, and developing male allies. HR, Learning and Development, and Diversity & Inclusion clients around the globe have successfully deployed Leading Women's solutions.

Executive and Board Recruiters


theBoardlist is a curated talent marketplace for business leaders to recommend, discover and connect highly qualified women across industries with private and public board opportunities. Their vision is for 100% of companies to view and most importantly act on increasing gender diversity on their boards to realize greater performance. Today, thanks to theBoardlist community, they have access to thousands of women leaders with talent, track record, and thoughtfulness to be stellar board members.

Valor Partners

Valor Partners is a boutique search firm focused on working with software and technology companies to find Sales and Marketing leadership as well as build the teams who report to those executives. We make every effort to provide our clients a gender-balanced candidate slate on every search. We are based in Virginia and have been in business since 2003. We work across the US and Canada.