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The most comprehensive yet affordable and easy-to-use platform of its kind, our ParityINDEX® empowers organizations with enlightening new data about their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts—enabling them to identify previously invisible patterns and opportunities, measure and monitor progress, and benchmark their performance against others in their industries.

This robust SaaS platform provides rich insights into recruitment, compensation, promotion, and retention ratesand how those things intersect with gender, race, education, age, tenure, and rank. 

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Track your progress and benchmark to others in and across industries.

Recruitment rates by job band

Gain insight into the rates at which women and people of color are recruited into the organization, and at what levels.


Pay disparities within departments

Identify pay disparities by gender and race for each individual department.

Rates of promotion

Determine whether women and POC are being promoted at the same rates as other groups.


Likelihood of attrition

Gain insight into how long various demographic groups typically stay at the organization.

And much more.

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Enjoy a customized company dashboard, updating daily as new data is automatically receivedensuring you always have the data you need at your fingertips.

Understand the intersection of gender and race with various points in the employment lifecycle, such as recruitment, promotions, retention, and attrition, as well as pay parity.

Monitor your progress over time, or select your own timeframe to see
what impact your actions have.

Capture reports for presenting to senior leadership, to show where the company is succeeding and where it can improve.

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See the impact of pandemics or
other significant events on gender/race composition and pay parity.

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Gender & Racial Parity


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More Innovation

Parity in leadership fuels profit & innovation.

Companies that reach gender and racial parity (30%+) at the executive and board levels are 15% more profitable and 19% more innovative than peer organizations lacking in diversity. Building a representative leadership pipeline from the entry level to the C-Suite is crucial for business success.

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