About Us

Parity.Org is the leading impact organization working to eliminate the racial and gender gap in corporate leadership, where the gap is the widest. Founded in 2017, with a mission to create parity in leadership for women, we expanded that focus in 2020 to include people of color.

We take a pragmatic approach, offering straightforward, practical strategies and tools that work. Quite simply, companies that take our ParityPLEDGE® and then use our ParityMODEL™ and ParityINDEX® make swift, measurable progress toward their DEI goals.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies worldwide successfully move the needle towards parity.

Just one in five C-Suite positions is occupied by a womanand just one in 25 by a woman of color.  

McKinsey, Women in the Workplace, 2021


People of color experience slower rates of promotion and suffer from a “worse perception of leadership potential” than their peers.

Gartner, Leadership Progression and Diversity Study, 2021


30% of companies on the S&P 500 do not have a single Black board memberand only five Fortune 500 companies have a Black CEO. 

Equilar Corporate Leadership Data, 2021


Women are hired and promoted at lower rates than men, which means that far fewer women make it into management and have a chance at senior roles.

McKinsey, Women in the Workplace, 2021

Although white men comprise just 38% of the workforce, they occupy 85% of executive positions at large and mid-sized companies. 

 Equal Opportunity Commission, 2020

When women are better represented in leadership, they hire more women throughout the companyensuring a sufficient pipeline of female talent for future leadership roles.

World Economic Forum, The Global Gender Gap Report, 2020

Companies with diverse management teams generate more revenue from innovation45% of total revenue compared to just 26% of revenue from those lacking diverse leadership.

Boston Consulting Group Study, 2018


Companies with ethnically and culturally diverse leadership teams are 35% more likely to see above-average profits, and those with diverse Boards are 43% more likely to see above-average profits.

McKinsey, Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters, 2020

Female executives are correlated with higher profits. Companies with 30% female leadership enjoy a 15% boost in profitability compared to similar companies with no female leadership.

Peterson Institute, Is Gender Diversity Profitable, 2016

Board of Directors

Cathrin Stickney

Founder & CEO

Cathrin has been a healthcare executive and a women’s advocate for more than 25 years, helping with the careers of hundreds of women in management during that time. She started Parity.Org to correct the issue of gender imbalance in business at a greater scale. In 2020, she added the ParityPledge for People of Color to shine a light on the significant racial imbalance in top jobs.

Mark Gorenberg

Managing Partner
Zetta Venture Partners

Mark has been in venture capital for more than 25 years. His firm, Zetta Venture Partners, is not only committed to gender parity; but is the first firm to include a no-sexual harassment clause in all of their term sheets.

Julie Kehoe

Chief Communications Officer

Julie is Domo’s Chief Communications Officer, responsible for communications strategies and programs to build and protect brand reputation and help teams sell. Previously she was a partner at The Outcast Agency leading the high-tech firm’s east coast business. Julie helped launch Parity.Org in 2017 and has served on the advisory board of Utah’s Women Tech Council for more than a decade.

Amy Kennedy

Education Director
The Kennedy Forum

Amy is the Education Director of The Kennedy Forum where she pursues partnerships and collaborations that emphasize evidence-based research and programming to facilitate policy change in the areas of education and mental health. Her experiences as a mother and teacher have propelled her efforts and advocacy around social-emotional learning and mental wellness for children. Kennedy was the Democratic Party nominee in the 2020 elections to represent New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district.

Carolyn Magill


Carolyn has been an operations leader at major healthcare companies like United Healthcare, Evolent, and Remedy. She is now CEO at Aetion where she delivers real-world evidence for manufacturers, purchasers and regulators of medical treatments and technologies. Under Carolyn’s leadership, Aetion and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are working together in a new research collaboration to use real-world data (RWD) to advance the agency’s understanding of and response to COVID-19.

Board of Advisors

Claudia Fan Munce

Venture Advisor

Director, Bank of the West/BNP Paribas Group, Best Buy Corporation, and CoreLogic Inc. As the managing director of IBM Venture Capital Group, Claudia served on the board of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), the Latin American Venture Capital Association, Women in Leadership in Private Equity in China, Canadian Innovation Exchange, Savannah Fund in Africa, and many other global venture capital organizations. In 2015 she was named by Worth Magazine as one of 20 most powerful players in Silicon Valley.

Maria Klawe

Harvey Mudd College

Maria Klawe began her tenure as Harvey Mudd College’s fifth president in 2006. A renowned computer scientist and scholar, President Klawe is the first woman to lead the college since its founding in 1955. Prior to joining HMC, she served as Dean of Engineering and Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University.

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Sidley Austin
(Legal Counsel)

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“Hundreds more women and people of color are in executive positions because of Parity.Org. We are making a difference!”

Cathrin Stickney

Founder and CEO, Parity.Org