About Us

Our mission.

Bring gender parity to the highest levels of business.

What we do.

We advocate for women’s representation at the highest levels of business—in the C-Suite and on the Board of Directors. We do this by promoting companies that demonstrate their commitment to gender parity, raising awareness about underlying issues, and providing facts and research that show the value in equal representation. We ask companies to take the ParityPledge to commit to simply interview at least one qualified woman for every open seat, VP and higher—including the C-Suite and the Board.

Proof It Works!

The NFL Rooney Rule, named after Dan Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and champion for equal representation, is a National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview qualified minority candidates for head coaching and senior football management roles.

There are no quotas, no deadlines. Just interview them. As a result of the rule, minorities in the senior ranks of the NFL increased from 6% to 22% in just three years.

Why We Do This:

World Economic Forum 2017, The Global Gender Gap Report

When women are better represented in leadership roles, more women are hired throughout the company. This ensures that there is a sufficient pipeline of female talent at more junior levels for future leadership roles.

Lean-In & McKinsey, 2017, Women in the Workplace

On average, women are promoted and hired at lower rates than men; so, far fewer women become senior leaders. At more senior levels, we see women shift from line to staff roles, so very few end up on the path to becoming CEO.

McKinsey 2017, Women Matter

Corporations need to ensure that their recruitment and appraisal systems are gender-neutral and performance focused. Corporate culture is twice as important as individual mindsets in building women's' confidence that they can reach top management positions.

Peterson Institute 2016, Is Gender Diversity Profitable?

Female executives are correlated with higher profits. A company with 30% female leadership could see an increase of 15% in profitability compared to a similar company with no female leadership.

MSCI 2016, Women on Boards and Financial Performance

Having at least three women on a corporate board is tied to improved financial performance in terms of Return on Equity (ROE) and Earnings per Share (EPS) compared to similar boards with no female representation. 

Parity.org and the ParityPledge.

At Parity.org, we ask companies to commit to take the ParityPledge because the research is very clear. When qualified women are simply interviewed for open executive or board roles, something very good happens. More often, they are hired!

Take the ParityPledge now.

To improve the lives of women everywhere and, at the same time, improve the bottom line.

take the paritypledge

The Parity.org Team

The Parity.org team is a small group of individuals dedicated to raising the representation of women at the highest levels in organizations.

Cathrin M Stickney

Founder & CEO

Lauren Burch

Director of Communications

Jennifer Curry

Director, Analytics & Insights

Jessie Laurash

Director, Content

Ashley Nance

Legal Counsel, Sidley Austin

Method Communications

Social Media Strategy & Execution

The Parity.org Board of Directors

Mark Gorenberg

Managing Director

Zetta Venture Partners

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Mark Gorenberg

Managing Director

Mark has been in venture capital for more than 25 years. His firm, Zetta Venture Partners, is not only committed to gender parity; but is the first firm to include a no-sexual harassment clause in all of their term sheets. 

Josh James

Founder & CEO


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Josh James

Founder & CEO

Josh founded Domo in 2010 to help CEOs and other leaders change the way they do business and obtain value from the tens of billions of dollars spent on traditional business intelligence systems. Before founding Domo, Josh was the CEO of Omniture, which he co-founded in 1996 and took public in 2006; and from 2006-2009, he was the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company.

Amy Kennedy

Education Director

Kennedy Forum

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Amy Kennedy

Kennedy Forum

Amy L. Kennedy is currently the Education Director for The Kennedy Forum, providing consultation services that emphasize evidence-based research and programming to facilitate policy change in the areas of education and mental health. She also sits on the Board of Mental Health America, a leading national advocacy organization based in the Washington, DC area, focused on giving a voice to all people with mental health conditions and addictions.

Carolyn Magill



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Carolyn Magill


Ms. Magill has been an operations leader at major healthcare companies like United Healthcare, Evolent and Remedy. She is now CEO at Aetion.

Cathrin M Stickney

Founder & CEO


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Cathrin M Stickney

Founder & CEO

Cathrin has been a healthcare executive and a women’s advocate for more than 25 years; helping with the careers of hundreds of women in management during that time. She started Parity.org to shed light on the issue of gender imbalance in business and correct it.
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“We must raise both the ceiling and the floor.”

—Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

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Bobby Aragon
Recruiting Manager
Vivint Smart Home
Account Associate
Adam Banter
Director of Client Development
Liberty Creative Solutions
Trey Bean
VP Product
Kuali, Inc.
Brae Beck
MHR/MBA Candidate
Utah State University
Sarah Bergman
Assistant Designer
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sarita bhatt
Global head of digital
Lauren Burch
Director of Communications
Molly Burns
Ralph Lauren
Tanya Caragol
Program Manager
Denyse Cardozo
President & CEO
Silicon Valley Forum
Amy Crichton
Recruiting Director
Jordan Davis
Manager, Customer Care
Francesca Delgado
Corporate Recruiter
Western Governors University
Juliana DeMay
Digital Marketing Manager
Fluid Advertising
Brad Dickson
Managing Director
B-Rad Industries, LLC
Dorian DiNardo
SVP Product Development
Health Catalyst
Darlene Diplock
Sr. Sales Performance Consultant
HUB International
LeAnne Dudley
Business Operation Manager
Alexi Durant
Senior Project Manager
Tech9, LLC
Cy Dyar Eaton
Alex Farman-Farmaian
Sales Lead
Curtis Feeny
Managing Director
Silicon Valley Data Capital
James Fike
Director Engineering, Information Systems
NICE InContact
Becky Frost
Senior Director, Public Relations
Frank Grant
Managing Director
Solganick & Co.
Jennifer Gudmundson
Internal Audit Manager
Dan Haley
Chief Legal and Administrative Officer
athenahealth, Inc
Christina Hall
Client Success Manager
Blacksmith International
Pam Harrington
Recruiting Director
Mike Harris
Senior Sales Consultant
Mark Higginson
Director of Customer Success
Zach Holmquist
Curtis Humphrey
Account Manager
Ryan Hutchins
Senior Analyst
Economics Partners, LLC
Katie Ioanilli
SVP Global Corporate Communications
Ralph Lauren
Elizabeth Ireland
Mary Jane Isaacs
Engineering Manager
Nate Jackson
Scott Jensen
SVP Marketing
Jon Jensen
Head of Product
Blake Johnson
Law Offices of Kurt A. Johnson
Cristina Berta Jones
COO B2C Ecommerce
Melissa Keohane
VP Legal
Amy Kerdok
Senior Manager, Clinical Devleopment Engineering
Intuitive Surgical
Cheri Kimball
Principal Consultant
Angela King
Social Media Producer
LDS Church
Justin King
Charly Kuecks
University of Utah
Michael Larson
Jessie Laurash
Lisa Leath
Leath HR Group
Russell Lewis
Sr Product Manager
Adobe (company)
Lina Lim
Managing Director & Co Founder
Tempus Adventus Advisory
Lina Lim
Head of Technology
National Stock Exchange of Australia
Natalie Lorenz-Anderson
Vice President special projects
Miki Loveless
HR Manager
Teem Technologies
Rico V Lujan
Senior Product Manager E-Commerce
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Systems Engineer
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Analyst, Global Brand Planning
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Territory Manager
Veeam Software
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Lead developer
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Senior Solutions Consultant
Waylin McCurley
Amanda McDonald
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Evelar Solar
Jeffrey McKown
Vice President, Human Resources
Advisor Group
Tracy Montgomery
Sr. Corporate Recuriter
Western Governors University
Erin J. Morgart
CEO/Talent Agent
Hadassah Group LLC
Michael Moulton
Creative Director
Kim Mueller
VP Finance
Pelion Venture Partners
Derek Naegle
Utah State University MHR
Angela Nelms
VP of Products and Operation
Florence Healthcare
Tony Nelson
Account Executive
Marcia Nelson
Managing Director
Jordan Nicholls
Partner Development
Carrie Norton
Founder & CEO
Green Business BASE CAMP
Natalie Paolinelli
Manager of Product Development
Ralph Lauren
Marrissa Patrone
District Manager
Brittany Patterson
Project manager
University of Utah Health
Sam Petersen
Content Marketing Manager
Sorenson Media
Judy Pierce
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Jackson Porter
Snow College
Brent Porter
Senior Product Owner
Dell Technologies
Barton Poulson
English Prevo
Graphic Designer
Gustavo Rivera
Account Executive
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Associate, Compensation
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CEO & Co-founder
Tetyana Romanyukha
Executive Director
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Technical Product Owner
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Director, People & Development
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SheNovation Ventures
Sonya Sigler
Brian Smiga
Alpha Venture Partners
Brian Spittler
Director of Corporate Communications and PR
Ron Storn
VP, People
Ambassador Sujay
Founder & CIO Chief Inspirational Officer
Pro Voice Movement for Women
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Deal Analyst (Licensed Attorney)
Ryan Taylor
Founder / Owner
LGBT Financial
Alex Thayn
Snow College
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Managing Director, HRIS
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Marketing Manager
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Software developer
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Director a Career Services , Accounting
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Senior Associate


Parity.org would like to thank Josh James and the Domo team for their early collaboration on the Parity.org model and for creating this awesome website.

Parity.org would like to thank Patrick Kennedy and The Kennedy Forum for their generous donation of our URL: Parity.org—thus giving us our great name.