Unlocking Gender Parity in Fashion

A Roadmap Exploring Gender and Race in the Fashion Industry.


There Are Fewer Women CEOs In Fashion Than In The Aerospace Or Finance Industries.

Women make up the majority of fashion and retail employees, and make up to 80% of all fashion purchasing decisions–as much as $15 trillion globally. However, only 12.5% of fashion CEOs are women, and women only hold 26% of board seats. It’s time for fashion to reflect its employees and consumers, with equal representation for women, particularly those who are most underrepresented.
Source: PwC, “Unraveling the Fabric Ceiling", 2019

Best Practices

Every fashion house is different, with different customers, locations, budgets, resources, countries, and cultures. Some companies have already made significant progress in their journey to gender parity, while others are getting started. All companies can benefit from the best practices in this paper and roadmap, no matter where they are on the journey. The roadmap looks at five key areas where companies can create effective impact, today:
  • Make a commitment
  • Executive Recruitment Strategy
  • Executive Preparedness
  • Benefits and Policies
  • Pay Parity

Quotes from the Paper

The fashion industry needs to make a concerted effort to create more pathways for women and create more gender equality at the top, especially since women represent the core customer of our business. We need tangible opportunities for women in their careers and in their lives so that they can continue to flourish and grow.”®

Steven Kolb

As an industry, we have a responsibility to accelerate our progress toward a more equitable world – and part of that means taking action to close the gender gap and create environments where individuals can thrive, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. Our roadmap for gender equality creates a consistent method for collective progress.”

Patrice Louvet
CEO, Ralph Lauren

Removing barriers to and creating opportunities for the advancement of women is an important focus area for PVH as we work to drive fashion forward for good. We’re proud to join our peers to collectively emphasize efforts on achieving and maintaining gender parity. We recognize our responsibility to accelerate this essential work and hold ourselves accountable to create a more inclusive and diverse industry.”

Manny Chirico
Chair and CEO, PVH Corp.

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