Take the ParityPledge® for gender parity at the highest levels of business.

Take the Corporate ParityPledge® to commit your company to gender parity, or take the Individual ParityPledge® to show your commitment to supporting women and speaking up for gender parity.

Corporate ParityPledge®

I commit my organization to simply interview and consider at least one qualified woman for every open role, VP and higher, including the C-Suite and the Board.
That’s it. No quotas. No deadlines.


Individual ParityPledge®

I commit to speak up for, support and celebrate the advancement of women into all corporate roles—in particular at the levels of VP and higher, including the C-Suite and the Board—where the lack of gender parity is most acute.
That's it. Speak up. Support. Celebrate.


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Benefits of taking the ParityPledge®:

Companies that make a public commitment are more likely to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. Cool! In addition to achieving those goals you'll also receive these benefits:

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  • Your organization will be included as part of the social media campaign where you will be recognized by thousands of people in business as an early adopter and champion for the advancement of women in business
  • Let others know of your commitment to gender parity and support for women in business
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Send an email to HR

You can also support the movement of increased gender parity in VP levels and higher, including the C-Suite, by sending an email to your Chief Human Resources or Diversity Leader. Check out this sample email here ready for you to edit or send.