Equal Representation.

The Problem.

While there are plenty of women and people of color at the bottom of most organizations, further up the ladder, their numbers decline precipitously due to a variety of complex and compounding factors. This lack of diversity in leadership is not just unfair. It has been proven time and again to negatively impact decision-making, innovation, and profitability.

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McKinsey & Company, 2022

The Solution.

The parity problem is complex—but it’s not insurmountable. 

As the leading impact organization increasing representation of women and people of color in organizational leadership, Parity.Org provides straightforward, practical tools that work, and work fast. Our pragmatic approach has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide quickly and significantly move the needle through the following solutions.


A simple commitment to work towards parity.


A practical roadmap for getting there.


A transformative platform for tracking progress.


A respected honor roll of parity achievement.

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A simple commitment to work towards parity.

Hundreds of organizations worldwide have taken our pledge, committing to interview and consider at least one qualified woman and/or one qualified person of color for every open VP, C-Suite, and Board role. And the results have been transformational.


A practical roadmap for getting there.

These practical and evidence-based “how-to guides” empower organizational leaders with insight into the specific policies, practices, and approaches that help to remove barriers and ensure that women and people of color have equal opportunities to advance and succeed.

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A transformative platform for tracking progress.

The most comprehensive yet affordable and easy-to-use DEI analytics platform of its kind, PARiTA helps organizations identify previously invisible patterns and opportunities, measure and monitor progress, and benchmark their performance against their peers. 


A respected honor roll of parity achievement.

Our annual Parity.Org Best Companies for Women to Advance® list (and upcoming Parity.Org Best Companies for People of Color to Advance™ list) recognizes organizations that have policies, benefits, and programs that eliminate barriers to advancement.

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The ParityPLEDGE was a good push for us. It created heightened focus for diversity across the entire company. We started at the top, and it was intentional, believing that if you can't see it, you can't be it.

Kamy Scarlett
CHRO & President U.S. Retail, Best Buy

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Nasdaq took the ParityPLEDGE in 2017 and since then, in just two and a half years, 50% of all new executive hires have been women. We are very proud of our progress.

Supriya Jha
SVP Diversity & Inclusion, Nasdaq

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Signing and supporting the ParityPLEDGE for POC has been invaluable to the promotion of racial equality at Overstock...POC comprise 50% of our C-Suite/SVPs, 27% of leadership, and 40% of promotions over the last 12 months.

Jonathan Johnson
CEO, Overstock

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We are a founding member of Parity.Org, a non-profit with a sharp purpose: "Equal representation. Now." One of the simplest but most effective ways anyone can support [equality] is by taking the ParityPLEDGE at Parity.Org.

Patrice Louvet
CEO, Ralph Lauren

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