The Parity Model™

The Roadmap to Gender and Racial Parity at the Top of Your Company

In today’s world, a company’s brand equals their values. More companies than ever are realizing that diversity is a key business performance indicator, but some aren’t sure where to start, or want to make sure existing programs are using best practices.  That’s where The Parity Model™ can help. The Parity Model was developed from research and conversations that has held with hundreds of CEOs, CHROs, diversity leaders, and recruiters since launching our mission to create equal representation in leadership. By embracing this model, a new, better corporate culture can emerge.

What is The Parity Model?

How does a company achieve, and sustain, gender and racial parity? The foundation for parity is built on Representation, Equality, and Inclusion. When companies create equality in practices, inclusion in culture, and representation in leadership, they find that getting to gender or racial parity isn’t a challenge–it’s the natural result of best practices.

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