Measure What Matters with PARiTA™

The transformative DEI analytics platform.

From gender, race, and age to sexual orientation to disability and veteran status and beyond, PARiTA™ (a product of our sister organization) helps you identify previously invisible patterns and opportunities, measure and monitor progress, and benchmark your performance against your peers.

Real-Time Insights

View up-to-the-minute data on a private dashboard–with the ability to filter (by country all the way down to each department) and run intersectional analyses. 


Compare your performance against others within and across industries.


Measure and monitor the demographic makeup of your employees (gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and more), by department and pay grade.


Precisely pinpoint pay disparities—and see the impact that education level, performance rating, and other attributes may have on the pay gap.

Recruitment Rates

Gain insight into the rates at which various demographics are recruited into your organization, and into what types of roles.

Promotion Rates

Actually see where the glass ceiling is for various demographics, and determine whether certain groups are being promoted at the same rate as others.

Attrition Rates

See the point as which key demographic groups leave the organization compared to others.

And much more.

Get the data you need to win buy-in
and inform decision-making.